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Qui Vive

Directed by Frans Weisz

Netherlands | 95 minutes | 2002

Dutch with English subtitles

This ravishing sequel to Leedvermaak (playing at MJFF 2003) takes place twelve years later with much of the same cast and crew returning. Just like in Leedvermaak, the story centers on a well-to-do Jewish family in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Laced with humor and poignancy, we see their war traumas have not faded away and continue to complicate their lives, but as a third generation arrives will the family finally find salvation? Based on a play by Judith Hertzberg, Qui Vive is a postwar story that touches the heart and brings up for the future.
Director Frans Weisz
Countries of Production Netherlands
Year of Presentation 2002
Language(s) Dutch with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 95 minutes
Principal Cast Kitty Courbois, Peter Oosthoek, Catherine Bruggencate

Nominated for the Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival

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