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My Terrorist

Directed by Yulie Cohen Gerstel

Israel | 58 minutes | 2002

Hebrew with English subtitles

London, August 1978: a bus with crewmembers of the Israeli airline company El Al is attacked by Palestinian terrorists. Fahad Mihyi is arrested and convicted following the deadly assault, Yulie Cohen Gerstel survives the raid. The fragment that landed in her arm is used as evidence during the trial. Now, twenty-three years later, Gerstel has decided to help release Mihyi, who is still in jail; even if she takes a pill everyday for her hypo-thyroid and hesitates to let her children go out on the street alone. Other Israelis blame her for supporting terrorism, but she feels that the circle of violence has to be broken. Gerstel still doubts whether she should help a former terrorist, especially when she watches TV and sees the World Trade Center in New York collapse. The documentary offers a crash course in the violence-ridden history of Israel, from the Six-Day War to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, at the same time demonstrating how drastic a terrorist attack, committed on political grounds, is for those involved.
Director Yulie Cohen Gerstel
Countries of Production Israel
Year of Presentation 2002
Language(s) Hebrew with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 58 minutes
Principal Cast Yulie Cohen Gerstel, Fahad Mihyi

Special Jury Prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival

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