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My Architect

Directed by Nathaniel Kahn

USA | 116 minutes | 2003

A riveting tale of love, art, betrayal and forgiveness — in which the illegitimate son of a legendary architect undertakes a worldwide exploration to discover and understand his father's and the personal choices he made. Louis I. Kahn is considered by many historians to have been the most important architect of the second half of the twentieth century. While Kahn's artistic legacy was a search for truth and clarity, his personal life was secretive and chaotic. His mysterious death in a train station men's room left behind three families — one with his wife and two with women with whom he had long-term affairs. The child of one of these extra-marital relationships, Kahn's only son Nathaniel, sets out on a journey to reconcile the life and work of this mysterious man. Revealing the haunting beauty of his father's monumental creations and taking us to the rarified heights of the world's celebrated architects and deep within his own divided family, Nathaniel's personal journey becomes a universal investigation of identity, a celebration of art and ultimately, of life itself.
Director Nathaniel Kahn
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2003
Premiere Status
Runtime 116 minutes
Principal Cast Frank Gehry, Nathaniel Kahn, I.M. Pei, Moshe Safdie, Edmund Bacon, Edwina Pattison Daniels, Balkrishna Doshi

Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary

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