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Make Me A Match

Directed by Cynthia & Allen Mondell

USA | 60 minutes | 2000

Do I have a nice Jewish boy/girl for you? That’s the question in this warm-hearted story of Jewish singles grappling to find both their soulmates. With its mixture of joys and disappointments, the film addresses what some rabbis say is one of the most important efforts in Judaism today: matching Jewish singles with each other and encouraging them to maintain their Jewish identity. Twenty-four enthusiastic matchmakers in San Diego; the modern-day Tevye-like matchmaker in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; the rabbi and rebbitsen from Morristown, New Jersey, who have been matchmaking singles around the country for 20 years; the singles scene at an annual singles convention and a Jewish dating service; a sample of catching a catch on the internet — all show Jewish singles seeking soulmates and the programs offered Jewish communities to encourage and support them.
Director Cynthia & Allen Mondell
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2000
Premiere Status
Runtime 60 minutes
Principal Cast
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