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Leo & Claire

Directed by Joseph Vilsmaier

Germany | 103 minutes | 2001

German with English subtitles

Life-loving Leo Katzenberger, his wife Claire, the attractive young photographer Irene and the residents of a Nuremberg tenement building — this is the constellation in which passion, resentment, love of life and scandal-mongering transform a harmless erotic encounter into a deadly threat. In his feature film based on actual events, Joseph Vilsmaier relates a tragic story that is both thrilling and sensual, a tale of love, eroticism, and death during the Third Reich. It is a story of bravery and friendship, as well as of viciousness and ignorance that still moves us today.
Foreign Title Leo und Claire
Director Joseph Vilsmaier
Countries of Production Germany
Year of Presentation 2001
Language(s) German with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 103 minutes
Principal Cast Michael Degen, Franziska Petri, Suzanne von Borsody
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