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Directed by Greg Pritikin

USA | 91 minutes | 2002

Oscar-winner Adrien Brody stars in this delightful romantic comedy as a loveable loser who finds his inner voice by becoming a ventriloquist. Living with his parents and his caustic sister, tongue-tied Steven can't hold a conversation to save his life — until he sits a wooden dummy on his knee. Others find this kind of creepy, but Steven parlays his newfound voice into a date with his pretty lady at the unemployment office (Vera Farmiga). Supported by an old friend (Milla Jovovich) and a new love, Steven learns it's never too late to believe in yourself if someone believes in you.
Director Greg Pritikin
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2002
Premiere Status
Runtime 91 minutes
Principal Cast Adrien Brody, Milla Jovovich, Illeana Douglas, Vera Farmiga, Jessica Walter

Winner of the Special Jury Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

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