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Almost Peaceful

Directed by Michel Deville

France | 94 minutes | 2002

French with English subtitles

The latest from veteran French director Michel Deville, adapts a Robert Bober novel about a Parisian tailor shop in 1946, and the predominately Jewish staff who tentatively rebuild their business and personal relationships. Proprietor Simon Abkarian takes on more employees than he can afford (including gentile seamstress Julie Gayet, whom he's sweet on), while his wife Zabou Breitman putters about, trying to provide a safe, happy environment for her children and coworkers (including Holocaust widower Denis Podalydès, whom she tries to seduce).
Foreign Title Un monde presque paisible
Director Michel Deville
Countries of Production France
Year of Presentation 2002
Language(s) French with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 94 minutes
Principal Cast Simon Abkarian, Zabou Breitman, Vincent Elbaz

Nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival

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