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The Power of God: Nicholas Winton

Directed by Matej Minac

Czech Republic-Slovakia | 64 minutes | 2003

A gripping documentary about the courage and determination of a young English stockbroker who saved the lives of 669 children. Between March 13 and August 2, 1939, Sir Nicholas Winton organized eight transports (one airplane and seven trains) to take children from Prague to new homes in Great Britain, and kept silent about it until his wife discovered a scrapbook documenting his unique mission in 1988. Sir Winton was a successful 29-year-old stockbroker in London who "had an intuition" about the fate of the Jews when he visited Prague in 1939 and quietly but decisively got down to the business of saving lives. Only two countries, Sweden and Britain, answered his call to harbor the young refugees. Documents then had to be forged ("We didn't bring anybody in illegally, we just, er, speeded up the process a little") and once foster parents signed for the children on delivery that was the last he saw of them.
Foreign Title Síla lidskosti: Nicholas Winton
Director Matej Minac
Countries of Production Czech Republic-Slovakia
Year of Presentation 2003
Premiere Status
Runtime 64 minutes
Principal Cast Joe Schlesinger, Karel Reisz, Hugo Morom

Winner of the Emmy Award for Best Documentary

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