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Keep on Walking

Directed by Tana Ross & Jesper Sorensen

USA | 53 minutes | 2000

Filmed on location in Newark, St. Louis, Stockholm, and Jerusalem, this film is a celebration of an exceptional young man, Joshua Nelson. Joshua, a Jewish African American, transcends the differences between races and faiths through his music. He is both an up-and-coming gospel singer in the tradition of Mahalia Jackson and a Hebrew teacher. Joshua began singing at age 13. His mother remembers him as an eccentric youth, displaying leadership qualities from an early age. In this film, he participates in jazz sessions, concert performances in the US and abroad, and religious observances. Through his composing, gospel singing and chanting Torah, Joshua is the musical embodiment of cultural harmony. His rich voice, charismatic personality, and singular ideas make this a powerful and inspiring film for all audiences.
Director Tana Ross & Jesper Sorensen
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2000
Premiere Status
Runtime 53 minutes
Principal Cast Joshua Nelson
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