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Gloomy Sunday

Directed by Rolf Schübel

Germany-Hungary | 112 minutes | 2003

German, English, Hungarian with English subtitles

The magic of music, the power of love, the evils of money, and the horror of genocide are the weighty themes tackled in Gloomy Sunday, a moving film inspired by actual events. Budapest in the thirties. The restaurant owner Laszlo hires the pianist András to play in his restaurant. Both men fall in love with the beautiful waitress Ilona who inspires András to his only composition. His song of Gloomy Sunday is, at first, loved and then feared, for its melancholic melody triggers off a chain of suicides. The fragile balance of the erotic ménage à trois is sent off-kilter when the German Hans goes and falls in love with Ilona as well.
Foreign Title Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod
Director Rolf Schübel
Countries of Production Germany-Hungary
Year of Presentation 2003
Language(s) German, English, Hungarian with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 112 minutes
Principal Cast Joachim Król, Erika Marozsán, Stefano Dionisi

Winner of two Bavarian Film Awards

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