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Amy’s O

Directed by Julie Davis

USA | 87 minutes | 2001

What’s in a name? For former-Miami resident Julie Davis, the word is “orgasm.” Her latest film comes fresh from the Sundance Film Festival and shares a startlingly candid and hilarious look on love, neuroses, and “the big O.” In this sexy comedy, a smart, sassy self-help author, has fallen oh so hard for a cocky shock-jock radio host. In this wry variation on a theme, the guy isn't a cad and the sprightly gal isn't a goody-two-shoes. Instead, both are endearingly real and forthright about their feelings, sexual and otherwise. Multitalented writer, director, and star Julie Davis follows in the female footsteps of Woody Allen by offering up a wry look at sex and the single girl with a twist.
Director Julie Davis
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 2001
Premiere Status
Runtime 87 minutes
Principal Cast Julie Davis, Nick Chinlund, Caroline Aaron, Mitchell Whitfield, Jennifer Bransford

Winner of the Audience Award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

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