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Peace of Mind

Directed by Mark Landsman

USA | 57 minutes | 1999

This is the first documentary film shot jointly by Israeli and Palestinian youth, chronicling a year in their lives after returning home from an Israeli-Arab summer camp in the Maine woods. The camp is run by Seeds of Peace, an organization that brings young Israelis together with Palestinians and other Arab teenagers to build friendship and discuss ways to resolve the conflict between their peoples. Until their meeting and bonding at Seeds of Peace none of them had ever had friends from the "other side." Back home seven of the teens were met with the dual challenge of maintaining the friendships and recording video diaries of themselves, their families and their personal hopes and fears. What comes immediately into focus are the day-to-day realities in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians had to obtain permissions from the Israeli army and pass through a series of checkpoints before they could reach their friends home in Israel. Israelis had to negotiate through a society filled with fear of any Palestinian location. And yet, as they shared their lives and encountered each other’s family histories, these lively and articulate teens reveal that if relationships are based on mutual trust, then real friendship and peace are attainable.
Director Mark Landsman
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 1999
Premiere Status
Runtime 57 minutes
Principal Cast
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