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Man Is a Woman

Directed by Jean-Jacques Zilbermann

France | 100 minutes | 1998

French, English, Yiddish with English subtitles

Simon Eskenazy is a gay Parisian clarinet player who lives his single life to the fullest. One day, he receives a very tempting offer from his homophobic uncle, looking to continue the family legacy — if he gets married and has a child, he will receive ten million francs and inherit his uncle’s luxurious mansion. After meeting Rosalie Baumann at his cousin David’s wedding, and with some convincing on his mother’s part, Simon sees an opportunity to fulfill his uncle’s wishes and the pair go ahead and get married, but not before traveling to New York to meet Rosalie’s Orthodox Jewish family. As Simon tries to develop real feelings for Rosalie, he struggles with his feelings for his newlywed cousin David.
Foreign Title L'homme est une femme comme les autres
Director Jean-Jacques Zilbermann
Countries of Production France
Year of Presentation 1998
Language(s) French, English, Yiddish with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 100 minutes
Principal Cast Jean-Pierre Bouvier, Delphine Rich, Claudine Wilde
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