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Dad on the Run

Directed by Dante Desarthe

France | 92 minutes | 2000

French with English subtitles

Fueled by klezmer and set in the Paris night world, Dad on the Run is an uproarious French screwball comedy about tradition, lust and love. Jonah, a young musician and father to a newborn son, learns at the last minute that, according to an obscure Jewish custom, he must rush to bury the foreskin of his just-circumcised son. Set during Pope John Paul II's 1997 visit to Paris, when tens of thousands of Catholic youth were celebrating on the streets of Paris, Jonas' mission is hampered by, among other things, a jealous gun-wielding husband, a young Romanian woman determined to collect the Pope's aura, a flat-tire, and a truck full of frozen-fish. Due to this unfortunate chain of events this seemingly simple task becomes a journey of personal transformation and, in running away, Jonas ends up finding himself. Dad on the Run is a French farce about the difficulty and absurdity of maintaining ancient Jewish traditions in modern society.
Foreign Title Cours Toujours
Director Dante Desarthe
Countries of Production France
Year of Presentation 2000
Language(s) French with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 92 minutes
Principal Cast Clément Sibony, Rona Hartner, Isaac Sharry
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