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The Giraffe

Directed by Dani Levy & Maria Schrader

Germany-Switzerland-USA | 103 minutes | 1998

English and German with English subtitles

The Giraffe is a sexy, taut and psychologically penetrating thriller that weaves together events happening 50 years apart in Germany and America. An elderly Jewish woman is found dead in the corridor of a New York hotel. Her son, David, meets a young set designer, Lena Katz, who appears to be involved in the mysterious circumstances of his mother´s death. In the course of their investigation, a mutual attraction grows, but suspicions that lead directly to Lena´s family threaten to undermine their relationship. A gripping political crime story in the Marathon Man vein, the film was shot primarily in New York but moves between America and Germany and between two generations, one protective of its secrets and the other eager to uncover them.
Foreign Title Meschugge
Director Dani Levy & Maria Schrader
Countries of Production Germany-Switzerland-USA
Year of Presentation 1998
Language(s) English and German with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 103 minutes
Principal Cast Maria Schrader, Dani Levy, David Strathairn

Winner of 4 Bavarian Film Awards

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