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Leon the Pig Farmer

Directed by Vadim Jean & Gary Sinyor

UK | 98 minutes | 1992

A Jewish Londoner embarks on a journey to find himself after learning some shocking news about his past in this eccentric British comedy. As the film begins, Leon is already in a time of transition, having quit his job for moral reasons and assumed a position in his mother's catering firm. His life is thrown into even more disarray when a bizarre coincidence reveals the truth behind his birth: not only was his birth the result of artificial insemination, but a lab mix-up means that his real, biological father is a complete stranger. The confused Leon sets out to find his "real" dad, and unexpectedly discovers that he is descended from a family of Yorkshire pig farmers. Co-directors Vadim Jean and Gary Sinyor move their story in fits and starts, allowing room for countless digressions, from a torrid affair with a outrageous artist to the accidental breeding of a rather unique pig.
Director Vadim Jean & Gary Sinyor
Countries of Production UK
Year of Presentation 1992
Premiere Status
Runtime 98 minutes
Principal Cast Mark Frankel, Janet Suzman, Brian Glover
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