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I’m Alive and I Love You

Directed by Roger Kahane

France-Belgium | 95 minutes | 1998

French with English subtitles

Occupied France. A young woman is shoved into a car by Germans, then loaded into a boxcar. At the Bussières station, a railway worker, Julien, hears voices inside one of the sealed boxcars of the stopped train. A note slips through a crack. "I'm alive and I love you. Sarah." Julien visits the address on the note and finds a family of Hungarian Jews: two grandparents, and Sarah's son four-year-old son, Thibaud. Julien offers to help with forged papers. They give him Sarah's diary for safekeeping. Later, when he returns, he finds the house ransacked, the grandparents gone. Julien takes Thibaud home. His girlfriend, Lucie, senses something is wrong. She's right; Julien has fallen for the personality he finds in Sarah's diary.
Foreign Title Je Suis Vivante Et Je Vous Aime
Director Roger Kahane
Countries of Production France-Belgium
Year of Presentation 1998
Language(s) French with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 95 minutes
Principal Cast Jérôme Deschamps, Dorian Lambert, Agnès Soral
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