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The Assistant

Directed by Daniel Petrie

Canada-UK | 116 minutes | 1997

Daniel Petrie scripted and directed this Canadian-British film, an adaptation of the memorable 1957 Brooklyn-based novel by Brooklyn-born Bernard Malamud, author of The Natural. During the Depression, drifter Frank Alpine and hobo Ward Minogue rob the small Bober family grocery. Minogue attacks frail Morris Bober (Armin Mueller-Stahl) because he has little money. Later, guilt sends Alpine back to the store, where he goes unrecognized and is hired by Bober as an assistant, despite the objections of Ida Bober. While Frank works the store, receiving miniscule wages, he falls for Bober's daughter, Helen, and Morris eventually learns who Frank really is.
Director Daniel Petrie
Countries of Production Canada-UK
Year of Presentation 1997
Premiere Status
Runtime 116 minutes
Principal Cast Gil Bellows, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Joan Plowright
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