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Directed by Curtis Levy

Australia | 75 minutes | 1998

The story of Hephzibah Menuhin is as rich as a novel by Henry James. A child prodigy like her violinist brother, Yehudi, she toured the world giving piano concerts from an early age. In 1938 Hephzibah, aged 18, she married Lindsay Nicholas, Australian heir to the Aspro fortune, and moved from California and the concert hall to live on Lindsay's remote sheep station in Australia. After the Second World War, Hephzibah toured Europe and was shattered by the concentration camps she visited. Having always been an avid champion of causes, she became increasingly alienated from her privileged life in Australia. The subsequent disintegration of her marriage and her affair with a Viennese sociologist scandalized Australia. Hephzibah and Richard Hauser moved to London where they established their Centre for Human Rights.
Director Curtis Levy
Countries of Production Australia
Year of Presentation 1998
Premiere Status
Runtime 75 minutes
Principal Cast Kerry Armstrong

Winner Best Documentary at the AFI Awards

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