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In Our Hands

Directed by Chuck Olin

USA | 85 minutes | 1998

The final weeks of World War II. His Majesty's Jewish Brigade — the only all-Jewish fighting unit in the war — goes into combat against the hated Nazis...and comes away victorious. It is after the war, though, that the real story of the Brigade begins. Amidst the chaos of post-war Europe, and under the noses of the occupying Allied armies, the young Jewish soldiers mastermind one clandestine operation after the next: forming secret vengeance squads to assassinate Nazi officers in the rescue and illegal movement of Holocaust survivors to Palestine. Later, in 1948, Brigade veterans help organize and lead the fledgling Israel Defense Forces in their new country's War of Independence. From the trenches of Northern Italy to the refugee camps of war-torn Europe, In our Own Hands unravels the thrilling tale of young Jewish soldiers who carried the weight of a people on their shoulders.
Director Chuck Olin
Countries of Production USA
Year of Presentation 1998
Premiere Status
Runtime 85 minutes
Principal Cast Peter Thomas, Mike Nussbaum, Nicholas Rudall, Arie Amir, Ted Arison
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