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Directed by Simcha Jacobovici

UK-Canada-USA | 98 minutes | 1998

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies, and the American Dream (based in part of Neal Gabler's An Empire of their Own: How Jews invented Hollywood) is a feature-length documentary on the men who founded Hollywood and the image of America that Hollywood celebrates. The film documents the reinvention of America through the life experiences of Hollywood's future movie moguls. Hollywoodism follows these men as they immigrated to America, their success in nickelodeons, and their journey to Hollywood where they ruled the movie industry for more than three decades. Firsthand accounts of the moguls are told through a series of original interviews with their children and grandchildren, in addition to comments by film historians, critics, actors, producers and contemporary moguls. Using never before seen home movies, behind the scenes studio films, rare archive footage, and golden-era movies clips, Hollywoodism presents the history of Hollywood as it has never been seen before.
Director Simcha Jacobovici
Countries of Production UK-Canada-USA
Year of Presentation 1998
Premiere Status
Runtime 98 minutes
Principal Cast Neal Gabler, J. Hoberman, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Adolph Zukor, Edward Dmytryk, Abraham Polonsky
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