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For My Baby

Directed by Rudolf van den Berg

Netherlands-Hungary | 102 minutes | 1997

In this highly original psychological thriller, Daniel Orgelbrand (Alan Cumming) is a young comedian struggling with the nightmare of his past and his dead sister who refuses to die by laying claim to his soul. When beautiful Lilian Glass, a young American studying opera in Vienna, unexpectedly enters Daniel’s life, he is instantly overwhelmed by his love for her. Finally, in Lilian, Daniel finds a woman with whom he can envision both a future and a family. But Lilian has an undiscovered past of her own.
Director Rudolf van den Berg
Countries of Production Netherlands-Hungary
Year of Presentation 1997
Premiere Status
Runtime 102 minutes
Principal Cast Alan Cumming, Juliet Aubrey, Frank Finlay, Elizabeth Spriggs
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