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Like A Bride

Directed by Guita Schyfter

Mexico | 114 minutes | 1994

Spanish, Hebrew, Ladino with English subtitles

In early 1960s Mexico, two young Jewish girls experience the life-changing events of their teen years against the turbulent backdrop of the decade. As they fall in love, attend Zionist day camps, and flirt with radical politics, they find themselves constantly caught between the traditions of their heritage and the ever-changing face of Mexican society. Spanning the currents of feminism, Zionism and socialism, the two women seek to break free from the roles assigned to them by society. Like A Bride was the winner of five Mexican Academy Ariel Awards (Mexican Oscars), including Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay.
Foreign Title Novia Que Te Vea
Director Guita Schyfter
Countries of Production Mexico
Year of Presentation 1994
Language(s) Spanish, Hebrew, Ladino with English subtitles
Premiere Status
Runtime 114 minutes
Principal Cast Angélica Aragón, Pedro Armendáriz Jr., José Avilez, Géraldine Bazán
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