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Dunera Boys

Directed by Ben Lewin

Australia | 149 minutes | 1985

Starring Bob Hoskins and Joseph Spano, Dunera Boys is set in the dawn of World War II when thousands of Jews fleeing Vienna were seeking refuge in England from the Germans. For many, the kind of hell which they were trying to escape becomes a harsh and bitter reality at the hands of those they trusted. The British suspect that many could be German informers! What follows is a nightmare journey aboard the HMT Dunera to Australia and then to a run down prison camp in the outback. Despair and brutality fill their days – but there is a glimmer of light as they bond together and find a new hope.
Director Ben Lewin
Countries of Production Australia
Year of Presentation 1985
Premiere Status
Runtime 149 minutes
Principal Cast Bob Hoskins, Joseph Spano, Joseph Fürst, Mary-Anne Fahey
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